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Mission Statement

Hearts 4 Africa is committed in the effort to reduce the mother and infant mortality and morbidity rates in Uganda Africa by providing clean, safe, loving environments for birth, improving the prenatal and postpartum care given by Midwives and Doctors, and by providing much needed medical supplies and equipment.

Sherill Sedillo Biography

Sherill Sedillo, LM CPM
Founder | Hearts4Africa

Sherrill’s life long dream has been to become a midwife. Her passion for pregnancy and birth started as a child. She has been a certified Doula and birth assistant for the last 5 years. Sherill is a Licensed Midwife (LM) and Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), licensed by the California Medical Board. She is the owner of Tender Touch Midwifery, based in Orange County, California.

Sherill has been married for 25 years to her wonderful husband, is a mother of 3 (36, 34, and 21) and has 4 grandchildren (20, 9, 6, 10 mo) They are the love of her life. She loves spending time with her hearts-4-africagrandchildren, sitting on the beach in the sun, sharing a meal with friends, shopping for bargains, watching a romantic movie, reading a good book and worshiping the Lord. She has a deep passion for Africa and the AIDS pandemic and the horrific situation of birth and the increasing mortality, morbidity rate of women and babies. She currently has a ministry Hearts4Africa and spends 4 weeks a year working as a student midwife.

Sherill believes that the birth of each new life is a gift from God. She believes that birth is a right of passage for a woman and that every woman giving birth should be well educated and informed of all options available so that she and her partner can make wise decisions as to how they would like their birth to go. She believes that each couple should have loving emotional and physical support necessary for a healthy birth.