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Our Dream: Building a Maternal Hospital and Healthcare Clinic in Uganda

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Dear Friend,

My name is Sherill Sedillo and I’m a Licensed Midwife based here in Orange County, California. Over the past 6 years I’ve traveled numerous times to Uganda volunteering in maternity hospitals. I’ve seen first-hand the dire circumstances under which women in Africa struggle to give birth. As a result, I’ve made it my life’s mission to see that they get the same chance most women around the world do to deliver a healthy baby in a safe, clean clinic.

hearts-4-africa-baby-boxIt broke my heart the first time I watched a woman leave a hospital with her lifeless baby in an old cardboard box for her to take home and give a proper burial. I was only a student midwife when I first encountered this tragedy, but knew enough that it was simply unnecessary.

Imagine the weight of the burden that developed in my spirit. I knew that I must do something to help. The only answer was to find a way to build a Maternal Hospital and Healthcare Clinic to serve in one of the poorest, most remote regions in Uganda. I know, it sounds daunting, but keep reading…

I know you will be as amazed as I am to see how God has already opened doors for this center. When I wasn’t sure how we would pay for the land, it was donated to us! When I only could dream of the building these women could come to, a partnership with a local architect gave us the detailed plans. We even have a local Doctor and Midwife ready and willing to staff the clinic as soon as it is built.

I am praying for the right partners to build this clinic. I fully expect God is preparing the hearts of numerous people to come alongside me and Hearts 4 Africa to help share the love of Jesus in Iganga, Uganda.

If you want to give babies and mothers life—to replace death and grief with love and hope, I pray you will consider getting involved. I’m excited to share the plans we have developed with you, and to make it a reality without delay.

With the Most Fervent Prayer,

Sherill Sedillo, LM CPM
Founder, Hearts 4 Africa

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