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Indiegogo Campaign Launched for Uganda Maternal Hospital Construction

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Dana Point, CA, May 30, 2015 — Orange County based non-profit, Hope Filled Hearts 4 Africa, launched their first Indiegogo campaign this week to raise funds in order to build a Physician Residence and Birth Center in the Naluko Village of Iganga, Uganda. The total expense for the construction of this first building will be nearly $60,000. With $20,000 of that amount already raised, the goal set to be raised by July 5 is $40,000.

hearts-4-africa-residenceWith this first building funded, Hearts 4 Africa anticipates it could be providing regular maternal health services within 6 months time. Architectural plans have been developed and approved to build a comprehensive 9,000 square foot multi-structure hospital to serve women and their newborns in this under served region. Fundraising efforts will continue as needed during the construction of this on-going project.

1A partnership with Living Water International along with donor contributions enabled Hearts 4 Africa to have two high capacity water wells installed this past March. One water well will serve the hospital, while the other has already begun providing clean water to the community in the Naluko Village, and the greater Iganga District.

Uganda was ranked 141 of 179 countries listed in this years ‘State of the World’s Mothers’ report, giving women in this country a 1 in 44 chance of not surviving childbirth.  In comparison, 1 in 1,800 women in the United States face the same fate, with the USA ranking at 33 of 179 countries.

Hearts 4 Africa was founded by Orange County midwife, Sherill Sedillo (LM, CPM), who has witnessed first-hand the preventable deaths of women and newborns during her volunteer trips to Uganda. Determined to use her training to make a difference, the dream of building the Hearts 4 Africa Maternal Hospital and Healthcare Clinic was put into motion. The primary goal of the organization is to help in the reduction of maternal and newborn mortality rate in sub-Saharan Africa, which UNICEF calls one of the most dangerous places for a woman to have a baby.

To contribute to the campaign, visit: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/reducing-mother-and-newborn-mortality-in-uganda


Hearts 4 Africa Hosts Fundraiser 'Blessings Born, Brick by Brick' in Dana Point, CA (October 2014, Official H4A Release)

Hearts 4 Africa Hosts Fundraiser ‘Blessings Born, Brick by Brick’ in Dana Point, CA (October 2014)

Download full press release here

Dana Point, CA, Sept. 22, 2014, — On Friday, October 3rd, local charity Hearts 4 Africa will be hosting an auction style fund-raiser at Capo Beach Church in Dana Point to raise money for the construction of a maternal hospital in Uganda. The event begins at 6:30 PM and tickets are available on the organization’s website (hearts4africa.net) for $30 a pair. Guests will enjoy a traditional Ugandan dancing performance, an hors d’oeuvres and dessert buffet and be given the opportunity to bid on items such as windows, bricks and sinks to collectively help build the Hearts 4 Africa Maternal Hospital and Healthcare Clinic in Iganga, Uganda.

What are the greatest challenges mothers encounter in Uganda? Cherotech Kabale, Ugandan Midwife and Hearts 4 Africa partner offers, “Some of the challenges really that are most common is the transport problem. The mothers live very far away from the hospital and access to medical facilities, they have to walk a very long distance to reach a medical personnel.” Unfortunately, many Ugandan women and babies do not survive birth for the lack of a clean, safe, and equipped facility in proximity to their home. [ see full interview video ]

Once built, the brand new Hearts 4 Africa Maternal Hospital will serve a densely populated area where 700,000 people are living in extreme poverty. According to The World Bank, the Iganga region has the highest rates of maternal mortality in all of Uganda. Plans for the brand new facility include private delivery rooms, an operating theatre, water wells, and even a chapel and clinic to serve the greater community.

Hearts 4 Africa was founded by Sherill Sedillo, a long-time resident of Capo Beach, California, who is a Certified Midwife and Licensed Professional Midwife. She has traveled to Africa extensively to volunteer and has witnessed first-hand the devastation of a woman sent home to bury her newborn baby and the grief of a husband losing his pregnant wife for the lack of transportation. Observing these tragic scenarios compelled her to find a way to help.

Hearts 4 Africa is committed to reducing mother and newborn mortality in Uganda. Five acres of land in Iganga, Uganda have been donated to the organization. They intend to build the Hearts 4 Africa Maternal Hospital and Healthcare Clinic there in pursuit of the reduction of mother and newborn mortality rate in sub-Saharan Africa, which UNICEF calls one of the most dangerous places for a woman to have a baby.


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