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Huge Milestone: Construction Complete on First Building

Dear Friends,

I am so pleased to announce that the first building of the Hearts 4 Africa Women’s Birth and Healthcare Center in Iganga, Uganda is complete! Thank you to everyone who has supported this effort each step of the way.

Shipping Medical Supplies to Uganda in a 40 Foot Container

Mission Regan and Baylor Hospital’s Faith in Action and others have donated medical items and supplies to fill the hospital. A huge thank you to these organizations for their priceless contribution and efforts.

The supplies will be shipped in a 40 foot container that was given to us as a donation with all shipping costs to Uganda covered. We are waiting for a formal inspection to be completed so that we can fill the container. It has been a difficult and complicated process so far. Please pray that the inspection will go smoothly and there will be no road blocks or further complications all the way to Uganda.

Under Construction: Our Church and Staff Housing!

Our next building is already under construction thanks to a generous grant to establish a church on our property. Our hope is that Calvary Church Naluko will be completed by November.

We have found that the need staff housing is critical as we prepare to open our facility. However, funds for the housing is limited. It is an absolute necessity before we can open the birth center. This is one of our most important prayer needs.

Supporting Hearts 4 Africa

In May, we hosted our ”StirUp Your Hearts 4 Africa” fundraiser. It was so much fun! And it allowed us to finish our first building. Over $16,000.00 was raised from the generous friends who came to support us!

Please continue to pray me and for our team as we travel to Uganda at the end of October to work on the facility and to provide prenatal appointments to the women of Iganga. Here in the home stretch, we do have some financial needs that must be met before our official opening. Will you prayerfully consider giving toward one of these items?

  • Establish utility connections: $4,500.
  • Staff Housing: $34,000.
  • Monthly Supporters: All amounts!

THANK YOU to all who have come alongside me with prayer, love, and support. You are such an important part of this vision and it is because of you that lives will be changed forever.

In His Love,

Sherill Sedillo, LM CPM
Founder, Hope Filled Hearts 4 Africa

Donations can be made to Hearts 4 Africa:
24551 Del Prado #698, Dana Point, CA 92629

Donate online at: www.hearts4africa.org

2016 Year End Update

All of us at Hearts 4 Africa would like to wish you all a very

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We have made great progress during 2016. Our building is up and ready for painting, flooring, interior doors, plumbing and electrical. Our prayer is to be open to serve the women of Iganga in January 2017. We are working hard to make that happen as the need is urgent. Our goal this month is to raise $25,000 to cover these last few finishing tasks.

Our pig farm has grown from 4 to 47 with 5 pregnant right now. This is proving to be a good source of sustainable income for our hospital. Our partner midwife, Chero Kabbale, is an amazing woman who has a vision and tireless determination to do whatever it takes to make this hospital self sustaining in 1 year from opening.

THANK YOU to all who have come alongside me with prayer, love, and support. You are such an important part of this vision and it is because of you that lives will be changed forever.If you have any questions about our project and current needs, please do contact me at sherill@hearts4africa.net or call (714) 315-8589.

In His Love,



Sherill Sedillo, LM CPM
Founder, Hope Filled Hearts 4 Africa

P.S. Will you prayerfully consider making a contribution toward the $10,000 remaining to reach our goal — which will enable us to begin offering maternal health services to the women in Iganga in 2017? Thank you!

Donations can be made to Hearts 4 Africa:
24551 Del Prado #698 ,Dana Point, CA 92629

Click here to make a donation today!

December 2015 Year End Update

Merry Christmas to all of you from Hearts 4 Africa.


We pray that this letter finds you all well. We have reached many of our goals this year and are excited.

Blessings for Hearts 4 Africa in 2015…

NGO status approved in Uganda.
• 7 acres completely fenced.
• Title transfer of 7 acres to Hearts 4 Africa.
• Access road to our land purchased and entrance gate installed.
• Completion of 2 wells by Living Waters International.
• Foundation complete on first building.
• 1,400 blocks ready for construction of residence home and birth center.

Construction of exterior and interior walls have begun! We continue to pray and seek God’s direction for the balance of $45,000 needed to complete the residence house, birth center, a small operating room, HIV clinic, and a lab. Unfortunately our $100,000 pledge from our fundraiser last October has never been received, but we are confident in our Lord that He is faithful to complete the work He has begun in our effort to save the lives of women and newborns. We are running with patience!


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Would you prayerfully consider making a financial contribution to Hearts 4 Africa this Christmas? When you visit our website, you can set up a recurring gift each month, make a one-time special donation, or even honor a friend or loved one by giving in their name. Whatever you can do to help is deeply appreciated.

And when we take your gifts to those who need them they will thank God (2 Corinthians 11). We will send a beautiful basket, hand made by women in Uganda to anyone making a donation of $50.00 or more!

THANK YOU to all who have come alongside me with prayer, love, and support. You are such an important part of this vision and it is because of you that lives will be changed forever.

In His Love,

Sherill Sedillo, LM CPM
Founder, Hearts 4 Africa

Maternal Hospital Construction Update (Q1 2015)

I hope you will be as over-joyed as I am when you hear about the progress Hearts 4 Africa has made in this first
quarter of 2015. Let me give you an overview…

Through our partnership with Living Water International, two water wells have been drilled on our hospital property in Iganga, Uganda. Clean water for basic sanitation and hygiene is a critical part of the maternal health solution in sub-Saharan Africa, indeed we cannot run a safe facility without it. It is an added blessing to provide a second well that will bring life giving water to share with our neighbors. Already, our mission to fight maternal and infant mortality is impacting the broader community for good.

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While celebrating the progress of our water wells, our posts and fencing were purchased and delivered. This protective enclosure is now in place along the property perimeter, with a guard house soon to be installed.

In keeping with our desire to begin offering maternal services as soon as possible, our board has determined to initiate construction with a key building for our complex that was initially intended to serve both as a staff residence and volunteer housing. We’ve modified the plans so that our attending physician and midwife will make their home in one half of the building, the other will serve as a full service birth center while we work toward the completion of the larger 9,000 square foot hospital.


When it comes to the well-being of women and their babies, there is no time to waste. We are compelled to begin
serving this community as soon as possible. With the completion of the residence and birth center, Hearts 4 Africa
could begin providing consistent birth services within just 6 months. Already, we have $20,000 of the $60,000
raised for this next step. Will you prayerfully consider supporting Hearts 4 Africa as we press in to be able to serve
as soon as possible? Thank you for standing with us.

Devoted to Loving Women and Infants in Uganda,

Sherilll Sedillo, LM, CPM
Hearts 4 Africa, Founder

P.S. Watch our Facebook page for more news and the launch of our campaign to raise $40,000 in 40 Days to build our physician residence and birth center!

A Blessed 2014, Hospital Construction in 2015

Dear Friend,

It has been a year of miracles for Hearts 4 Africa. And as someone who has been by our side throughout the year(s), I wanted to end 2014 by rejoicing together with you in how far we’ve come.

The truth is, we needed to jump some important hurdles to get the Hearts 4 Africa Maternal Hospital and Healthcare Clinic construction started. And that didn’t come as easy as delivering babies! With blessed connections and community, the dream of building this hospital is becoming more of a reality each day.

It was just this past Spring, we received an amazing answer to prayer, after what felt like an extraordinary waiting period; our 501(c)(3) non-profit status was approved. This enabled us to move forward on our project with confidence.

In June we were able to commence construction by making bricks for the hospital on our land. We’ll need to make thousands more before our buildings are all complete! Seeing this simple first step of construction was thrilling. By July, I was with my team in Uganda to work on filing our NGO status, meeting with architects for plan revisions, conducting property inspections, and trying to run a make-shift maternal clinic on our land for the pregnant women of Iganga.

That’s when I met Dembe. She arrived at our clinic in her nicest dress with her husband. Unable to afford the taxi fare to the hospital, and knowing there was a problem with her third-trimester pregnancy, she came to our clinic to be examined. I listened for the fetal heart beat. Her baby was most definitely no longer living. My heart was heavy to deliver this devastating news to the hopeful young couple. All we could do was share in their grief, extend the compassion of Christ and provide the means for their journey to a hospital hours away where she could get the care she required. I ached for the day when we are finished constructing our hospital, we may have been able to save the life of this precious baby.

I know you feel the same way too. I’m thankful to everyone in our community for your shared compassion for women and infants in Uganda, for supporting this ambitious project with your love and resources. We have a wonderfully busy year ahead, and we’re set for a great start in 2015, thanks to pledges and donations totaling $125,000 that poured in during our fundraising event in October. Within the next several months, a protective enclosure for the entire hospital property will be built and Living Waters International will be digging two water wells to serve the hospital and the community of Iganga. And that’s just the beginning!

We certainly need our community to continue to rallying together to fully fund this project. Imagine, a 9,000 square foot facility, equipped with private birthing rooms, an operating theatre, a healthcare clinic, ready to serve a community in need of over 700,000 – a community with the highest maternal mortality rates in all of Uganda. Our teams here in the US and in Uganda are filled with enthusiasm and passion to serve, to help meet this need for a safe, clean, loving environment for birth. And your year-end gift, large or small, can see us through to completion.

Thank you for being a friend to Hearts 4 Africa. I can’t wait to share the blessings that will surely be the reward for our hard work and diligence in 2015.

Christmas Blessings,

Sherill Sedillo, LM CPM

Founder, Hearts 4 Africa

P.S. Will you prayerfully consider supporting our project as the year ends? Click here to make a contribution today. Together we will bring hope and the love of Jesus to the entire community of Iganga in the year to come.