Naluko Women’s Hospital and Outpatient Clinic

This brand new 9,000 square foot facility will serve the densely populated Iganga region of Uganda, where 700,000 people live in extreme poverty. Despite under-reporting and a lack of accurate maternal statistics, The World Bank still identifies this part of Uganda as having the highest rates of maternal mortality. The primary service of this new facility will be to ensure that women have a safe, clean environment to deliver their babies, attended by well-trained medical staff. Plans for the brand new facility include private delivery rooms, an operating theatre, water wells, and even a chapel and clinic to serve the greater community.

Additional services will include:

  • Neonatal (Premature Births)
  • Fistula Repair
  • Family Planning/Education
  • HIV Testing
  • Malaria Medication
  • Supplemental Food Program
  • Community Water Well

Through a partnership with Living Water International, two wells have been established on the property; one for hospital needs, the other to support the community of Iganga. Construction of the first medical service building and church was completed in 2018.

H4A is working to complete construction of the entire facility complex and aims to create a sustainable facility that will save lives. Support from individuals, foundations and businesses is needed to complete the construction of this project.

The call for quality medical care for mothers and newborns is urgent, and our swift response will save the lives of women and newborns in Uganda.